Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dad Golden's Mom

this is elizabeth jane[cain] dad's mother..
before she was married she had two children, dorthy and cecil wallace whom she looked after well even though she was so young. when gramma met issac golden and fell in love, she had hidden the fact that she had these two babes but when grampa found out, he picked them up and said, "they are staying..they are mine!"
dad golden told his children that his dad was the best dad and that he was all the dad that he ever wanted!

they do tell me that gramma golden was a real hillbilly and to tell you the truth, in this picture here, she sure does seem like one...she is a girl after my own heart, i am the same way!
when gramma golden became ill when she was in her early 80's, and hospitalized, the nurses took a real liking to fact one day when i went to see gramma, she had a head full of curlers..she looked sooo uncomfortable.."would you take them out?
they are giving me a headache!"..gramma golden had never in her whole life curled her hair and she had never in her whole life CUT her hair!

we never saw gramma golden a lot during our growing up years as dad golden was in the air force and we lived too far away but i have a rich supply of letters from her because i used to write to her all of the time.!
when the goldens moved to welland, and when bernie and i finally owned a car, we would pick gramma golden up all of the time for meetings..driving the 18 miles to pick her up was well worth it.
after hearing the gospel, she was one evening gloriously saved...and it was so simple!
as the preacher spoke to her after she stayed behind one sunday night, i could hear him as i was waiting for gramma several feet away..when he told her the story of salvation and he asked her, "well granny what do you think?",
i will never forget gramma golden saying with an elderly cracking voice. "i will take it!"
oh boy! emotion, no shining lights..not even a bible verse!..nothing but "i will take it!"
gramma golden lived to prove her salvation..she was a changed lady..she was happy and had peace and when she was about 74 i think, she wanted to be baptised in obedience to the lord and so down she went into the waters and rose to walk for the lord!

we were very sad one december day to have to say fare well to gramma golden.
it happened while mom golden and all the children and grandchildren were attending the yearly sunday school treat and dad golden was home all alone.
when we returned home, dad golden told us the sad albeit glad news that gramma had passed away....i looked at him when he told us that and asked him, "yes dad but you know where she has gone to don't you?"
"yes", he said, "i do"

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Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
What a great story about a great woman.
She must have been so strong to go through all the things that she did and still standing tall.
She had a true pioneer spirit.
I'd like to know approximately when your grandma was born. I can see that she was dressed in the fashion of the 1920-ies as an adult.

I think her accepting the salvation with a brief "I will take it", says a lot.
What a wonderful day that must have been.
From Felisol