Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gramma Golden And Her Family

when i found this cute picture of gramma golden holding on to this horse, i thought i had found a real treasure..i am not sure who the fellow in the carriage is but he looks pretty dapper!

this smiling gentleman sitting on the fence, i believe is one of gramma golden's brothers..i will have to ask dad golden which..one thing for certain that i DO know is that it is not his uncle lou. anytime dad golden has mentioned uncle lou, it seems that he was a grouchy old character that ..one time he was so mad at dad golden..uncle lou had hidden most of the meat under a whole pile of potatoes on his dinner plate and everyone wondered where all the pork chops were...dad golden, rushing in late to the dinner table, accidentally got his elbow into uncle lou's loaded plate. the mashed potatoes slid around and pork chops were flying all over the place!..uncle lou saw red and i am not sure but what dad golden got a real slapping for THAT...i
uncle lou had been very selfish and i think it looked good on him that he had been caught..hahahaha!

this nice elderly gent could be gramma golden's dad..i am not sure. i really like his hat..he is dressed really modern..that style of suit has come back!
gramma golden and her brothers were brought up on a farm..outside of niagara on the lake...southern ontario has many apple, peach, pear, cherry orchards and many farms grow grapes.

in this family picture, it really looks like gramma golden loves cats.
i will have to ask dad golden which in here is his gramma and grampa..that man trying to hide his shadow could very well be great uncle lou..who knows?

when elisabeth cain married issac golden, they moved their family to st catharines and this is where dad golden completed his education..he went to this school.
in the upper corner, you can see a school picture of my dad..what a cute kid he was!

gramma golden once told me that dad golden used to work delivering groceries which he would deliver by bike..gramma said that all the money that he earned, he gave to her to buy food for the family..dad golden had twelve brothers and sisters.

now isn't this one handsome fellow that is growing up fast so that he could meet mom golden one fine day?...


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I can see Dad Golden hasn't changed a bit. The smile and those beautiful eyes are his trademark.
I'm learning a lot about "old" Canada in general and your family in particular by reading this blog.
You've got such a rich picture material to illustrate the histories with.
I like them all, the farm must have been a great place. I have a fascination for farms, my mother was a "farmer girl" as she puts it.
It's so basic; you cannot eat oil, cars or whatever we use a lifetime spending our money on.
A man's gotta eat and know how to provide food and clothing.
The rest is vanity and chase after wind.
We are exporting our junk to Sweden, our junk yards are all filled up.
"I consume, therefore I am consumed," Gunnar says, and he should know, with his love for data, music instruments and cars......
It was a nice and unselfish gesture of Dad Golden to help out providing for his large family. Then again I know from my Mom and dad they had to do the same. No social security back then.
It was expected that the young ones helped their family. Family ties were strong, and I find that valuable. Then there would always be a sly uncle eating all the pork chops.
He was the one who should have had the spanking. Things were neither fair nor easy for children. I dislike spanking more than anything, it's against all what I call fair. Strong adults hurting their own offspring.
We were taught never to fight against kids younger and weaker than ourselves. Which ended up in me fighting with an older boy at school. Just as I was on top of him, ready to give him the final punch, we were separated by a teacher.
We ended up becoming friends, though I think his "male" pride was hurt for a while.
Now, give Mom and Dad Golden my best, and thanks for letting me in to this interesting story about a man I've grown to love more and more and more. And more.

From felisol

David C Brown said...

Wandering past and interested to see the old family.

Terry said...

dear david..thank you so much for your visit..i really feel bad that i haven't been keeping up with either of my blogs...i have to get out of this valley and smarten up!...i hope that you and your beautiful godly family are doing good...love terry